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Hey there, Modern Homesteaders, Rebels of the Norm, and Guardians of Green! If you encounter any bumps along the learning journey or have a stellar course suggestion, we’re here to help. Use the form below to shoot us an email. For any issues you’re facing, provide us with as much detail as possible, ensuring a swift and effective resolution. Your feedback is key to making this homesteading adventure exceptional. Thanks for being part of our community!

Got a Course Question?

For inquiries specific to a course, feel free to utilize the Notes feature found on each lesson. If available, choose to notify the instructor. Your questions and insights contribute to a richer learning experience for everyone!

You can also join our Discord server, please be patient with us as we ramp up usage. There is also a link to join from any of the course materials, typically found under lesson 1, that link will give you access to course specific channels, so if you are enrolled in one or more courses, be sure to use those invite links.

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