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Where Independence Meets Backyard Bounty!

Greetings, Modern Homesteaders, Rebels of the Norm, and Guardians of Green! Step into our digital homestead, curated by the modern survivalist, Jack Spirko, of The Survival Podcast.

Here, where self-reliance meets a revolutionary spirit in home food production, we transcend the mere act of growing food. Home Food Systems is a haven devoted to cultivating a mindset—a catalyst for a backyard revolution. Picture us as a community where we dig deep, grow strong, and transform ordinary plots into thriving havens of abundance.

Join our tribe of doers, dreamers, and backyard pioneers on this extraordinary journey. It’s not just about reclaiming our food sources; it’s about reconnecting with the land and rediscovering the profound joy that comes from producing ‘The Best From Your Backyard.

What Awaits You:

🌱 Simplified Bioreactor Composting: Embark on a transformative journey into the art of Simplified Bioreactor Composting. Discover how to turn your waste into nutrient-rich plant superfood with ease. Join our mission for sustainable home food production. From concept to active compost management, this course simplifies and transforms your backyard practices. Dive in and let the journey begin for a greener, self-sufficient tomorrow.

🐟 Aquaculture Adventures: Dive into the world of Aquaculture Adventures and discover sustainable practices for cultivating aquatic life in your backyard. Stay tuned for upcoming courses that will guide you through the art of combining fish and plants in a harmonious ecosystem, transforming your backyard into an aquatic Eden dedicated to home food production.

🌾 Cover Crop Mastery for Gardeners:Unleash the potential of your garden with Cover Crop Mastery for Gardeners. This course is your guide to understanding the benefits of cover crops and how to integrate them seamlessly into your gardening practices. From soil improvement to pest management, master the art of cover cropping and take your gardening skills to new heights in the realm of home food production.

🔥 Backyard Biochar: Explore the transformative power of Backyard Biochar, a course that delves into the art of creating biochar to enhance your soil. Uncover the secrets of this ancient technique and learn how to incorporate biochar into your composting process. Elevate your soil health and promote sustainable gardening practices, bringing a touch of magic to your home food production journey.

Why Home Food Systems?

At Home Food Systems, we’re not just about courses; we’re about empowerment. This is a haven for those who believe in the resilience of self-sufficiency, the joy of dirt under your nails, and the satisfaction of putting homegrown meals on the table.

So, kick off your boots, grab a cold one, and join us on this journey. The homestead revolution begins in your own backyard. Welcome to Home Food Systems – Where Your Independence Blooms!


I thought I knew a thing or two about composting, but the Bioreactor Course from Home Food Systems took my skills to a whole new level! Turning waste into ‘plant superfood’ is not just a concept; it’s a hands-on, backyard revolution. If you’re serious about transforming your organic waste into gold, this course is your secret weapon!” – Emily G.

“In a world full of composting methods, the Bio Reactor course stands out for its practicality. No complicated setups, just straightforward, efficient composting. From building the bioreactor to utilizing the finished product, this course has simplified the process, making it accessible for any homesteader. Transform your waste into a nutrient-rich masterpiece!” – James H.

“Plant superfood from waste? Jack’s Bioreactor course is pure alchemy for your garden. This course doesn’t just teach composting; it unveils the secrets of fungal-dominant compost, turning your backyard into a thriving ecosystem. If you’re ready to harness the power of the bioreactor, join the revolution. Your garden will thank you!” – Luna M.

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