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Welcome to “Simplified Bioreactor Composting: Converting Your Waste into Plant Superfood with Fungal Dominant Compost the Easy Way” at! In this transformative course, we delve into the heart of sustainable waste management and soil revitalization.

Chapter One – The Origin of the Concept

Discover the roots of our simplified bioreactor composting approach. We explore the original Johnson-Su method, its challenges, and the goals set by the pioneers. Embrace the philosophy that simplicity is the key to tackling complex global issues.

Chapter Two – What Do We Use to Make Compost

Get your hands dirty with the building blocks of our method. We’ll break down the materials needed per bioreactor, explore various composting ingredients, and showcase our simplified designs that eliminate unnecessary complexities.

Chapter Three – Deep Litter Systems for Livestock

Extend your learning beyond the backyard as we explore how deep litter systems can be a game-changer for livestock management. From coop strategies to alternatives for those without a coop, we share insights to keep your animals and your soil thriving.

Chapter Four – Building & Managing Active Compost

Take a step-by-step journey into the construction of your own bioreactor. From choosing the right location to adjusting water flow, this chapter covers the entire build process. Learn how to maintain and monitor your compost for optimal results.

Chapter Five – Using Finished Compost

Your compost is ready; now what? Explore practical applications, from direct garden use to creating compost tea. Uncover the various ways to utilize the finished product for soil enrichment, plant health, and even as a potential income source.

Whether you’re a seasoned homesteader or just starting, this course simplifies the intricate world of composting. Join us in converting waste into a potent elixir for your garden, guided by the principle that the solutions to global challenges are often embarrassingly simple. Let’s embark on this journey to cultivate resilience and sustainability, one bioreactor at a time.

Course Introduction Video

How I Make My Own Bioactive Potting Soil

Obtain a Yield

Catch & Store Energy

Produce No Waste

Small Slow Solutions

Use & Value Resources

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” ~ Bill Mollison

Average Review Score:

This was a fantastic course and extremely well laid out. I learned a lot in the lectures and the tests were super helpful to make sure that I understood everything I was learning. I really enjoyed watching the live class and picked up some things visually that cemented what I had heard previously. I really appreciate the bonus video on replacing the pipes with wrapped fencing as I have plenty of fencing lying around but zero pipes and those are stupid expensive where I live. Best of all, as a woman in my mid-50’s, I have a TON of confidence that yes, I can by myself put this together (this upcoming weekend!), get it going, and more importantly keep it alive so that it can be of use in my gardens. Not to mention that I won’t sound like an idiot about what I’m trying to do and why. I am *very* much looking forward to the class on Biochar and whatever else comes along. Thanks, Jack, for making this accessible and interesting to boot.

M : V RATIO = High

* Where M = Money Spent and V = Value Received.

After I took this course, I have started building my bioreactors with the confidence that I know how to do it. Plus, I understand much more about the soil science involved in keeping it successful.

Great teacher

Jack has a great ability to make a topic understandable. Can’t wait for the cover crop class

Excellent course, well worth the price

This course is well thought out and logically presented. The tests are well written with questions that actually test the knowledge learned and aren’t just written to trick someone. It would be a bargain at twice the price.


I love it I love it I love it . Can’t wait to start my own stuff . Wish I discovered Jack podcast much sooner .
Would recommend to anyone this course like Jack say if want to help environment rebuild nature, have great food sources ,etc .
Like I said unbelievable great job Jack hope I can meet you one these days .

Great presentation of new material

Well thought out and presented. Jack is a natural at teaching new concepts in a way that are easily digestible for easy consumption.

Jack can teach!

Loved the science geek 1st course, it gives you the background for the practical side of the course. Very informative with very little “fluff”. Jack is an excellent instructor. I highly recommend this course.

Follow an organized process to make great compost!

This course presents a well thought out method to make great compost in your backyard.

I have been making compost for my garden for over a decade. Unfortunately, my previous methods are best been described as “throw everything in a pile and sift out some compost when I need it”. After this course, I understand why that’s not the most effective use of my time and resources.

The chapter on compost application methods also taught me more than I had expected. In the past, I have spread compost on top of the soil and left it there, baking in the sunlight. Now, I understand that good compost needs to be treated with care so as not to kill the biology living inside of it.

I’m excited for spring to arrive so that I can start applying the things that I learned to my own garden!

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