Principle Based Permaculture Design

Welcome to ‘Principle Based Permaculture Design,’ a transformative journey into the heart of sustainable living. This comprehensive course explores the foundational ethics and principles of permaculture, offering you a roadmap to design resilient, regenerative systems. Chapter One: Holmgren’s Principles and Mollison’s Ethics Embark on your permaculture journey by understanding the prime directive and the three […]

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Backyard Biochar

Unlock the transformative power of biochar in our ‘Backyard Biochar’ course. Dive into sustainable soil enhancement, learn to create biochar, and discover how this ancient technique elevates your gardening practices. Cultivate a healthier, more resilient garden and embark on a journey to sustainable home food production.

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Simplified Bioreactor Composting

Welcome to “Simplified Bioreactor Composting: Converting Your Waste into Plant Superfood with Fungal Dominant Compost the Easy Way” at! In this transformative course, we delve into the heart of sustainable waste management and soil revitalization. Chapter One – The Origin of the Concept Discover the roots of our simplified bioreactor composting approach. We explore

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