Where Is the Study Guide and Other Materials At?

Hey folks Jack Spirko here. Since launching Home Food Systems we have been hard at work building course and two are already available. Of course the Principle Based Design Course is free to all and the Composting Course is only 40 bucks. With both though we have had one customer service inquiry above all others, “where do I find the study guide” or other course materials”.

Well in every chapter of your course once you are signed up is a tab. That tab says Materials, it is also bright orange. Just click that in any chapter and you will have the ability to download the student study guide for the course, a PDF of the instructors power point deck and any other materials for that course.

If you haven’t signed up for either of the courses yet now would be a great time. If you have and have had trouble finding the guides, etc. we hope this clears things up.

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